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Linus (Craig Benzine) spends his days working on a software that predicts how popular a song will be with little human interaction. Reid (Jesse Pepe) spends his days beating on a drum kit trying to write a hit song to win back his ex. But when Linus’ boss threatens to fire him over his outdated algorithm, Linus partners up with his neighbor with one shared goal in mind: test the algorithm by writing a hit song. This unlikely duo are on a mission to fix the algorithm in order to save Linus’ job and Reid’s relationship. Together they work on their hit song while also learning much more along the way. See more at THE OFFICIAL SERIES SITE.

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I Ship It

After a devastating breakup, Ella Spencer enlists her roommate/best friend Tim to help her seek revenge on her ex. The two of them, along with a couple of coerced interns, form a band with hopes of taking down her ex-boyfriend in the Battle of the Bands nerd-rock contest. However, as budding romances among bandmates begin to escalate, Ella is forced to choose between her new-found musical success and her next relationship. See more at THE OFFICIAL SERIES SITE.



Miss 2059

In the year 2059, beauty queen Victoria Young is tired of living in the shadow of her sister, a world famous military hero. But when Victoria is mistakenly beamed into space in her sister’s place, she finds herself representing Earth in a deadly galactic tournament with the fate of our world hanging in the balance. See more at THE OFFICIAL SERIES SITE.

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Allison Lee, an aspiring DJ, decides to throw a warehouse party to celebrate her 25th birthday and attracts the attention of notorious club promoters, SvenAndSophie. But when the duo show up to Allison’s party to hear her set, Allison scrambles to make it the most epic of parties, only to have it all fall apart disastrously. Over her melting ice cream cake, Allison wishes for a do over and she gets one. More than one, she discovers, as she continues to wake up and relive her birthday over and over again until she can get the day right. As she aims to achieve her perfect day, Allison must face the hard reality that sometimes you can’t have it all. See more at THE OFFICIAL SERIES SITE.

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The Fourth Door

A 12-episode story of one woman’s journey (Monique Coleman) with a young boy named Colin that she protects as they navigate the strange and dangerous world of Limbo. On this journey, Lain must confront memories and monstrous fears to save herself and the man she loves. See more at THE OFFICIAL SERIES SITE.

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Oscar’s Hotel for Fantastical Creatures

Oscar’s Hotel for Fantastical Creatures is a six-part original series where Oliver must navigate the mystical, surprising and sometimes dangerous world where there is never a quiet night and the monstrous guests can be a little high maintenance. “Oscar’s Hotel” transports its audience to a whimsical, fantastical universe where Oliver, a twenty-something manager’s assistant, finds himself as the temporary proprietor of his uncle’s magical hotel when Oscar leaves unexpectedly on cosmic council business. Oliver’s struggle to manage the hotel takes him on surreal adventures with its eccentric residents. See more at THE OFFICIAL SERIES SITE.



Shitty Boyfriends

An 8-episode comedy series written and created by Jessica Cabot and executive produced by Lisa Kudrow and Dan Bucatinsky, ‘Shitty Boyfriends’ is the story of Amanda, an intelligent feminist and talented cartoonist who has a lot of love to give but can’t get it together in the dating department. See more at THE OFFICIAL SERIES SITE.



The Parallax Theory

The six-part drama follows Jonathan, a young physicist, who alone holds the knowledge of an imminent cataclysmic meteor strike. As he tirelessly warns the world of impending doom, he is ostracized by those who fear the truth, forcing him to choose between what may be a futile attempt to save humanity, or making the ultimate sacrifice for his family. Directed by Sawyer Hartman, starring Vincent Cyr and Thomas Francis Murphy (“True Detective”, “Salem”). See more at THE OFFICIAL SERIES SITE.



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